30 minutes: $45 | 60 minutes: $75 | 90 minutes: $115 | 120 minutes: $155

Sports Massage:

Pre and post event goals require targeted therapeutic treatment for the unique physical and bio-mechanical needs of athletes. This is good whether you’re an elite athlete preparing for the big game or a weekend warrior trying to improve recovery. Address soft tissue restrictions, increase flexibility, reduce pain, and increase joint range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Chronic pain affects many of us. This includes stiff upper back, neck, and shoulders, lower back and hip pain, and tightness in the quads and hamstrings. Deep tissue massage is a clinical approach that relaxes the tissue causing the pain. It’s like a personal training session for your overworked muscles!

Therapeutic Massage:

Therapeutic massage is used to treat medical conditions within the scope of ailments not contraindicated by a medical professional for massage therapy. This can include surgery preparation and recovery, sprains and strains, or side effects from chemotherapy. Nearly any kinds of pain diagnosis could potentially benefit from massage therapy. Working with your medical professional, we provide relief tailored to your individual needs. 




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